Breitling wing walker on a Boeing Stearman – Photo copywrite Michael Jorgensen

Michael Jorgensen is Australia’s premier air to air photographer. With a fast paced worldwide flying career including Military Fast Jet operations and Air to Air refuelling, he is more than comfortable organising highly qualified teams of pilots and photographers, in order to safely capture that unique aerial footage. Mike now instructs formation and aerobatic flying in Sydney Australia, and holds an Airline Transport Pilots Licence. He is also a regular mentor pilot in the warbird and aerobatic flying community.

When he is not teaching advanced aerobatics and formation, Mike is behind his camera, writing aviation articles, or pushing himself in the gym to maintain his high G-tolerance. He is an expert air to air photographer having flown backseat and photographed for the United States Navy Blue Angels, the Royal Air Force Red Arrows, the Swiss Air Force display team the Patrouille Suisse, the UK’s Blades Extra 300 team, the New Zealand Red Checkers, and the magnificent Breitling Jet Team!

Flying with the Blue Angels during a low level display practise sortie, in southern California.

Mike has also photographed a number of private warbirds, including Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall in his P-51 Mustang! High performance aerobatic pilots who have trusted Jorgo ‘whilst inverted’ include Patty Wagstaff, Mark Jefferies, Steve Jones, and Nigel Lamb. His flying skills also allow him to fly the subject aircraft in close for other photographers when required.

Michael Jorgensen at the controls of this stunning Yakovlev YAK-52 for an air to air formation shoot

Whether you simply want advertising or public relations footage for your business, wish to promote your latest airliner or fighter jet, or need advanced motion picture stunt coordination, then Mike is the pilot/photographer who can achieve fantastic results. His contacts and friends list contain a wealth of flying and cinematic experienced personnel from all over the world, and they are all in the same professional frame of mind regarding safety and excellence.