Keeping away the Skyhawks, Christmas Day 2006. During my ‘day job’ flying a tanker over the Falkland Islands, I snapped this pair of F3 Tornados escorting us. Ironically, one of them flown by a buddy from my former RNZAF 14SQN days.
Flt Lt Marcel Scott brings his Huey in nice and close, during a photo sortie at Wanaka. The opportunity to shoot ‘out in the open’ without any tight cockpit or canopy restrictions makes a refreshing (albeit freezing cold) change.
US Navy Sea Hawk from HSC-26 practising sea recoveries out in the Persian Gulf.
T-28’s over California.
Christen Eagle over the UK.
Royal Air Force Grob trainers based at RAF Cranwell.
RAF Red Arrow fly very close over Cyprus.
The Breitling Jet Team L-39’s in Southern France.
Pitts flying in mirror formation.
French L-39’s proudly displaying Breitling colours.
Suisse Patrouille F-5’s approach the Matterhorn.
Richard and Dave loop their Pitts Specials.
L-39 looping over Southern California.
The Red Arrows BAe Hawks dodging the cloud layers.
CT4 Airtrainer pulling G in the Australian outback.
Air Combat Australia Extra 300’s over the Blue Mountains.
RAF GR4 Tornado deploys flares overhead Iraq.
Breitling Boeing Stearman with wingwalker over Sydney Harbour.
Flying with the Blue Angels during a low level display practise sortie, in southern California. It was my first time with no G-suit or Oxygen mask in an ejection seat equipped jet. Simply an awesome experience.